Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chicago Comic Con Wrap Up!

Hey folks!!

Sorry for the super delayed Comic Con recap. My wife, Melitia, and I had our first table at any sort of nerdy convention and I will say it will not be our last! We sold out of a lot of stuff (sold out of more when we got back to friends - thanks Adam H!) but we did come back with some merch and a lot of learning for next time. Where to begin in terms of recapping. I guess I'll just say I didn't get to walk around as much as I had hoped and we said we wouldn't buy anything but the one thing I did end up buying was Mike Henry's book, FaceBomb Vol. 1. TOTALLY worth the $$$. Only $25, hardcover and he does a small commission sketch in the back of the book. He also has some streaming videos on how he goes about his techniques with great detail. On top of having talent flowing out of his pores, he's an awesome guy. Super genuine.

We had horrible table placement, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We had some awesome table mates such as Justin Currie who couldn't keep people away from his table.

Just down a few people was comic veteran, Hilary Barta. Super awesome guy, uber talented and very complimentary. He's been doing the comic thing for a long time and just oozes talent. I regret not buying any of his stuff. He's done stuff for all of the big boys - Marvel, DC, Image, Malibu, etc.

Another table mate was Luke Smarto, a Comic Con veteran. I was surprised to hear he doesn't work in the comic world since his stuff was GREAT! I was able to trade a stuffed Skeletor for an X23 original sketch.

One last artist I wanted to call out was Edmond Lee. Super awesome guy also (do you see a trend here? They're all super awesome). Great talent. He had a lot of this samurai type stuff but his other stuff on his blog is great. He does pretty sweet caricatures as well. It was also his first time and I hope to run into him at another show.

In terms of Comic Con'ers that swung by one that stood out was The Pokemon Gangsta Nerd. Hilarious guy. Super nice. He is a man of many talents and makes You Tube videos of his nerdom. Keep nerdin!

There were a lot of other great people I met and unfortunately I didn't get everybody's name or card. I don't do commissions but had to do one for an awesome lady, Sarah Kramer (thanks! You and your fam/friends were awesome!). She has a sketch book of just Muppet commissions she has her fav artists do. I have a photo but need to get it off my phone. I also met one of the founders of a sweet artist collective/show in San Diego called Trickster. Her name was Anita Coulter. Super awesome person who puppeteers! How awesome?!

I think that's it for now. I have a bad memory so I know I forgot plenty. Hope you enjoyed!