Sunday, March 27, 2011

Carnage Asada

So there's this really cool blog, by a talented artist, Robert Goodin, called Covered, that my buddy, the super-talented Chad Albers (check out his blog here: told me about.

The premise is artists recreate a comic book cover in their own style. Super awesome concept! So I had two possibilities - something with Venom or something with Carnage. I went the Carnage route. Below is my process from sketch to completion as well as the original cover. I'm about to submit my piece so I hope he accepts my offering. Enjoy peeps!


blocked in shapes in Illustrator

making a little progress


There she is in all of her glory. Amazing Spider-Man #361. I remember going to pick it up when it first came out. I only had enough for one comic book. The money-hungry folks that owned the place knew it was a big deal and were selling it for $7 instead of $1.25 (I was like 12 and had like $2). It pains me just thinking about it. I'll just leave you with the original cover. Sniff, sniff.
Original Cover

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Book Bliz-og

So my big project is 99% wrapped up! I just need to choose the cover. Wait, what if I allowed you to choose it for me? If somebody doesn't like it, it's off of my plate. Boom! Done! Go check out the site and vote on your favorite design. Thaaaaaaanks!