Monday, November 21, 2011

It's Been Too Long Without You

Hey folks!!

Sorry for the loooooong overdue update. There's been a TON going on at home/work and another update will soon come on that, but in the mean time, I can finally tell you about project I was stoked to be a part of. In case you haven't heard of StarShipSofa, they are a Hugo Award winning podcast of sci-fi stories, but also have videos, galleries, etc. They put out a 3rd volume of their short stories and I was asked to do a little of what I do. The only direction was to create something that looks like it would go in a comic book from the 50s. Well having a passion for mid-century marketing and having been a package designer AND having a love for sugary cereals that are bad for you, I created this little piece.

Below is the press release from the guys at SSS. Thanks folks!!

StarShipSofa Stories: Volume 3 available from 11/11/11

Featuring stories by: Matthew Sanborn Smith, Gregory Frost, Joe
Haldeman, Dennis M. Lane, Mercurio D. Rivera, Nicola Griffith, Peter
Watts, James Patrick Kelly, Saladin Ahmed, Catherynne M. Valente, Paul
Cornell, Gareth L. Powell, James Morrow, Amy H. Sturgis, Kevin J.
Anderson, Michael Swanwick, Lawrence Santoro, Lavie Tidhar, Frederic
Himebaugh, Aliette de Bodard, Allen Steele, Tad Williams, Jack
McDevitt, Karen Joy Fowler, Will McIntosh, Morgan Sterling Saletta,
David Brin and Adam Troy Castro.

Also featuring art by: Skeet Scienski, Daniel Tozer, Simon Watkins,
Jack Calverley, Timothy Booth, Jerel Dye, Evan Forsch, Patrick McEvoy,
Ben Greene, Mike Dubisch, Thomas Crielly, Bradley W. Schenck, Brian
Thomas Woods, Richard Case, Peter Snejbjerg, Daniele Serra, Graeme
Neil Reid, Mark Zug, Brent Holmes, Ben Wootten, Dave Krummenacher,
Jouni Koponen, Len O’Grady, Steven Thomas, Mud!, David Boyle, David
Malki !, Carly Monardo, Anton Emdin and Greg Broadmore.

Volume 3 available in multiformats from