Monday, February 17, 2014

Is the "M" for maiming or money or both?

So I usually am pretty light hearted when it comes to my posts here but I was recently sent an article stating that most of the chocolate we consume comes at the cost of slavery. Not only that, but child slavery as well. There are reports of abuse and so on. I was infuriated at the information and at my inability to change it. So I will do what I can do, vote with my wallet and only purchase ethically sourced chocolate (Target has some and they're gooood. Read the label) and use my talents to try to raise as much of a stink as I can. Nike was a huge human rights offender but they changed their tune and are now leaders in that field of human rights. So with that, I'm saying "good bye" to M&Ms (and Hershey and Nestle, etc).

This is the short version of the atrocities. I'm hoping you would decide chocolate is not worth another human living enslaved (again, you don't have to give it up, you just need to be choosy). Feel free to post, blog, pin, facebook, etc this image and spread the word. Here's a couple articles I ran across:
Thanks friends!