Friday, October 12, 2012

How 'bout a free book?

Hellllllo folks! Whenever I pour myself some drinkable tap water, I often forget that this is a luxury to at least 50% of the world's population. So last year I wrote and illustrated a book aimed at raising money and awareness for this cause. The book was developed over the course of a year and I had a bunch of help from co-workers and friends in the editing process. I had no idea what I was doing as it was my first foray into book writing and illustration, which is something a want to get more into now that I co-own my design studio.

ANYWAYS, I just made the book available as a free download over at my blog devoted to the book. Check it out here or click the image below. Some actual books (Paper. I know, old school) are still available for purchase. Please spread the word to as many people as you can. Thank friends!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Want your life to be a comic book (cover)?

Hello folks! I've strangely, but awesomely recently received a couple of commissions to turn their friends'/family members' life into a comic book cover based on some of my cover art I've done in the past. Like the ones below:

As strange as it was, it's actually not that strange at all. Sometimes it's hard to get someone that "perfect" gift. If they're at all nerdy, it's something they'd love because it's about them but it'll also be from someone they love. I'd want to put this person in their ideal super hero/adventure/nerdy world, so I'd love to know as much as I could about the person such as:

  • Name of the person  and/or nicknames
  • Passions, hobbies
  • Favorite memory this person has
  • Favorite movies, comic book characters, toys, etc

It can be a story from any moment in this person's life - growing up, school pals, today or the future (new job, off to college or graduation, military, etc) or as plain as JOE the FARTING HUSBAND (but keep it on the fun/happy/loving side). I'll take in all of the information I can and cherry pick the best ideas that tell the best story. Below is the latest example about a friend's car back in their school days (the friend isn't "the Beast").
So if you're looking to have your or someone you know's life turned into a cover, go ahead and shoot me an email (check my profile section) and I can send you more details. The current rate is $300 per cover and I usually get them done in about 1-2 weeks. Due to my existing everyday work load, I can only take on a few at a time. Thanks folks!!!