Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spidey done got posted!

So my Spiderman cover of the first appearance of Carnage finally got posted on Covered! Keep an eye on that blog. There's some really great stuff being constantly posted.

Peep it:


  1. Congrats. This is amazing. Also congrats on being mentioned on Comics Alliance. I'm a big fan of comic book art. I run the twitter @ThyRealThor, my profile pic was drawn by @RyanCody. Wish you were in the AZ area so I could buy a print off you for my next profile pic.

  2. Thanks man! I appreciate it! I'll probably have an Etsy store open soon. Right now I'm just getting ready for the Chicago Comic Con. Sorry for the delay in response. I didn't realize there was a comment.

    Thanks again!