Friday, January 6, 2012

Shave the Whales

So my wife and I left our corporate jobs (that we loved) to move back home and start our own design studio (more on that later). One of the ways we're hoping to eat is by submitting designs to Threadless since apparel design is something we did for half of our careers. Here is my FIRST design posted. It's doing ok. I'd love to see it get printed so I can wear a fuzzy whale.

You can vote for it here:

I always hated (not really. They're awesome people) the people at work who would get the design right on their first try. Not me, I have at least 10 versions of each design. Here's where I started off with this design. It was a little too cartoony on, much like my Circo days, and I wanted to challenge myself and get a bit more typographic. All of the lettering on the final piece was hand done.
My wife also submitted a design. It should win based on the name alone. A Light Snack?! That's GOLD!!

You can vote for it here:

Enjoy folks!!

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