Wednesday, August 8, 2012

If ye be a true playa, then your hands best be in the a-ya.

I used to be a hardcore hiphop fan. To the point it was the only stuff I listened to (nowadays I've expanded my musical genres). Even more to the point I dabbled in the music making myself. I wasn't any good. If I was, this blog would be "The music of Mud!" instead of my doodles. Anyways, my hardcore phase started in the early 90s so my discman was playing a lot of Wu-Tang, Snoop, Warren G, Bone Thugs, Tupac, Nas and of course, plenty of Biggie. So when I saw the good folks over at 10 Paces and Draw were doing a Biggie/Pac mixtape challenge, I HAD to get on board. I've done some Pac illustrations but those are lost somewhere, so I wanted to do Biggie (though I might still do Pac because I like how Big turned out).

I had fun exploring more of a charicature direction when I did Spiderman many posts back (here), so I wanted to try the same approach with Biggie. The inspiration, set by 10P&D, was Big Poppa. If you watch the video, there's a strong red tone to the video so I used that as the background. Here is the finished piece in all of its glory. Hope you enjoy!

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