Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to be an AWESOME father #178

Today's example comes from Tom. Tom is not only leading his son correctly in the ways of nerdom, but he also commissioned me to create a Batman cover for his son. He wasn't exactly sure which one, so I had to throw out the first appearance of Batman, Detective Comics #27 if little Sean wanted some street cred. Little Sean surprisingly liked the cover so we proceeded. Little Sean is dripping of street cred and awesomeness AND check out his AWESOME AWESOME Bat-costume, err, vigilante attire! Thanks Tom and family for sending the feedback and positive response.You can also file this entry under How to be an AWESOME kid #24. Thanks guys! You rock! Below is the final piece I've been dying to share, but had to wait until Tom received his art first.

If you want to be like Tom or Sean and contribute to the iPad fund (click here to find out more), please let me know!

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