Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New tee design! Inspiration? My sister.

Hello friends!

Long time, I know. I apologize. I've been busy with work and crafting this beauty (not gonna lie, I also beat Battlefield 3, so I was pretty much busy preventing a world war). This graphic came to be because of a texting conversation I was having with my little sis, whom I can fully admit is way cooler than me. She's one of those trend setters/jet setters out in Cali. It's part of her job. Rather than bore you with all of the details here, you can be bored by the full details of the story over at Threadless and while you're there, if you could vote for it, I'd be delighted. Absolutely delighted.

Here's a more detailed image below. If I get enough positive feedback I might post it over on Society 6 as well. Thanks folks! Hope you're off to an awesome week!!

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