Monday, April 15, 2013


Hello friends!!

To say I was a fan of the Ninja Turtles would be an understatement. I bought Donatello before the cartoon hit the waves on CBS. I just thought it was pretty awesome that there was a turtle that was a ninja and it came with weapons to prove it. I made a body for Krang out of a 24" Rowdy Roddy Piper action figure. I even owned the near-impossible to find party wagon and highly unsafe pizza thrower. I also kept my TMNT comforter and curtains into high school. I think my mom encouraged it since it kept the ladies away.

So what's the point to that "tmi" rant on TMNT? I recently designed a tee for Threadless' TMNT challenge and it just went up for scoring! So if you like it, I'd appreciate a nice score or spreading of the word! Thanks folks!!

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